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In a competitive employment market applicants far exceed positions available. For potential employees there are several important steps to engage to further their ability to be successful in gaining the position they desire.


1.)  RESUME - A resume is the central tool used by Human Resources to begin the vetting process. Beyond experience, qualifications, and skill-sets, HR will review a resume for clarity, thoroughness, and accuracy. It is also important that a resume be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Simple proofreading will greater enhance a resume. Often an HR department, with so many resumes to review, will reject someone that may be perfectly qualified, but their resume is lacking in other ways.

2.)  COVER LETTER - A cover letter is another important tool in starting the process of gaining employment. As with the resume, a cover letter should include clarity, thoroughness, and accuracy, as well as correct use of grammar and spelling.

3.)  RESEARCH - With the access the Internet allows, one should always research the company they are seeking employment. Reviewing a webpage, understanding their business and markets, and knowledge of what type of individual they are looking for will greatly assist a candidate.

4.)  SELF BACKGROUND CHECK - A self background check or personal background check has become an important tool for a candidate. Understanding the information a Human Resources Department will review can be decisive.

CriminalBackgroundRecords.Com "My Criminal Background Check." is similar to reports HR Departments utilize everyday insomuch as it provides the same information reviewed.


  • Instant Statewide Criminal Background Check
  • Instant National Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Records
  • Felony Background Records Search
  • Sex Offenders Records
  • America’s Most Wanted List Search

The above records listed are the basic components of Pre-Employment Screening package that HR Departments request.

One might question the purpose of a personal background check, especially if they know nothing will appear, based on their own personal criminal history, but that would be shortsighted in today's information based society.

With the ease of information that is made available by the Internet, the ability to draw or gain faulty information increases. Key stroke errors, similar or same name matches, or other misinformation could appear on a pre-employment background records check. Reviewing the available information prior to the actual employment process could assist any candidate.


  • Instant Statewide or National Criminal Background Check– These are the most commonly used criminal background checks in the USA today. Find out instantly if criminal records are found.
  • SSN Trace- Provides information such as county of residence and AKAs (Also Known As). It will also reveal any attachments to social security numbers. Further, this report verifies date of birth (DOB).
  • County Criminal Records- These are the most current and up-to-date criminal records available to background screening. Again, errors and mistakes can occur especially due to key stroke errors or SSN attachments.
  • DMV Records- A position that requires driving may demand this report. Ensuring that it is clear of infraction or conviction would greatly assist in gaining such a position.
  • Felony Search- Convictions will appear on a felony search. In some cases an expungement of records may be viable and allow certain items to be removed from public records.
  • Sex Offenders- In most states a photographic image is provided along with record information thereby allowing confirmation of an individual. However, names and SSN can get attached and may not represent the convicted sex offender. This is rare but can occur, especially in states that provide records without images.

Increasingly self background checks will reveal errors and mistakes that would cause a potential candidate to get exempted or denied an opportunity of employment. A simple background check would greatly enhance a candidate’s ability to confidently present a resume knowing their background is clear of error. My Criminal Background Check can provide the information required to review the same background history a potential employer would utilize.

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