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Statewide Employment Screening package includes:

✓ Statewide Criminal Check
✓ National Sex Offender Search
✓ Most Wanted Criminals List Search
✓ SSN Validation with Address History Trace

Click Here to begin setting up an Employment Screening Account OR send an email to and a representative will contact you.

3-State Employment Screening package includes:

✓ 3-State Criminal Check
✓ National Sex Offender Search
✓ Most Wanted Criminals List Search
✓ SSN Validation with Address History Trace

Click Here to begin setting up an Employment Screening Account OR send an email to and a representative will contact you.

National Employment Screening package includes:

✓ 46 State Criminal Check
✓ National Sex Offender Search
✓ Most Wanted Criminals List Search
✓ SSN Validation with Address History Trace

Click Here to begin setting up an Employment Screening Account OR send an email to and a representative will contact you.

The Following Products are Available to Add to Your
Employment Screening Package

County Criminal Checks | Federal Court Search | Eviction Checks
Driving Records | Professional Verifications


More Information about our Employment Screening Services

If you process employment background checks on a regular or monthly basis you should qualify for discounted pricing and monthly billing with net terms.  To discuss becoming a monthly billed employment screening client with discounted pricing and other benefits or to customize your own employment screening solution
Please send an email to: and a representative will contact you.

Employment screening clients often choose to add an Employment Verification and/or an Education Verification and/or a Credentials Check / License Check to their employment screening package.  These additional verification services can be added to your employment screening package at any time.  They are real time verifications conducted by USA based professional verifiers who are experts in education, credential and employment verification services. 

Why Universities, Hospitals, Corporations & the Government Place their Background Checks with Us:

  • Efficiency – Our background check retrieval system fits seamlessly with any Human Resources (HR) or Background Screening department (Our background retrieval system saves employers valuable time)
  • Functionality – Our Simple Intuitive interface makes ordering & access to background reports easy
  • Flexibility – Customize your own package, enjoy multiple user logins and get free tracking & reporting
  • Quality of Product – Our Criminal Background Reports are Best in Class in the United States
  • Intelligent Responsiveness – We don’t just answer your questions we answer them intelligently & fast
  • We become Your Partner – We provide a Wealth of Industry Knowledge and make available valuable documentation  to help our clients be successful and also compliant with relevant employment laws

We provide Forms and Valuable Documents to our clients – Below is a sample of what we provide:
(We value our clients & provide them with useful documentation to help keep them compliant with laws governing the background industry and the proper use of consumer reports like criminal background reports)

  • Employer Certification – Required when requesting consumer reports for employment purposes
  • “A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA” – Which should accompany any adverse action
  • Sample Employee Release Forms from Pre-Adverse Action Letters to Adverse Action Letters
  • Informational Documentation like “What Employers Should Know”

Why Human Resource Managers (HR) in the United States Choose Criminal Background

Along with all the reasons outlined above, Human Resource Professionals like us for 9 Reasons

Speed Convenience Payment Options
Account History Transactional Paperless
Human Contact Choice Storage

Our background retrieval system frees up human resources time while ordering online adds exceptional convenience.  Once logged in as a member the data entry required to perform a background check is minimal while the majority of our criminal background checks return instant search results.  Previously placed orders are available for 60 days for reviewing and/or printing.  The site is fully operational 24/7 every day of the year, and is transactional allowing for multiple background check products to be processed in the same order like running a national background check along with an SSN Trace and Federal Search all together on the same person within the same order drastically reducing excessive data entry.  We give our members a choice in the type of criminal background check they can order from county level searches to a national background check.

We also offer different payment options including PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Card and Company Check.  Monthly billed clients who most Human Resource clients are enjoy a paperless partnership with us as their invoices are sent via email.  They also take advantage and benefit from our net terms which are offered to all monthly billed clients.  Members also get their own allocated space on one of our secure servers for storing invoices, previously placed orders, account information and more.  Finally, the most important reason human resource professionals like is the access to professional staff they receive, as there is no replacement for human contact.  They get direct access to a background check and employment screening expert along with access to a national customer service team.

An Employment Background Check is composed primarily of public records like a criminal background check, a social security validation, a sex offender registry check and/or a professional verification.  Whether a criminal background check is conducted at the county, state or national level it is considered essential to any effective employment screening solution.  United States businesses, organizations and government/military agencies/departments would be careless not to include a criminal background check in their hiring program and/or their employment screening policy. 

Today, an employment background check should include more than just a criminal background check because more tools and resources are available now than in years past.  The catalyst for national demand of these new tools stems from their cost effectiveness and speedy turnaround times.  Employers in the United States should or already have added such tools like the SSN Trace (social security number validation & address history trace) to their pre-employment screening procedures.  Additionally even age old phone and computer verification of employment, education, credentials and license checks have become more streamlined and thus timelier.  With these additional background checks available at reasonable prices it just doesn’t make sense as an employer not to take advantage of them.  For the small costs associated with incorporating these additional components to an employment screening program, employers can sleep well knowing they are protecting themselves by avoiding negligent hiring lawsuits, workplace violence, sexual harassment suits, theft and wasted time of human resources hiring, training and then firing a new employee that never should have been hired in the first place. 

In 2003 the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was amended with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act).  Under the FCRA if a public record such as a criminal record is used as part of a pre-employment or employment related decision that results in an adverse action against the potential employee or existing employee the employer must give notice to the pre-hire candidate or employee.  The employer must tell them that a public record / criminal record has adversely affected their potential hires or have had an adverse affect on an employee’s promotion, retention or reassignment.  The FCRA states that a criminal record obtained from a criminal background check and used for employment screening purposes is considered a consumer report and the FCRA has specific guidelines for employers using such consumer reports as part of their employment screening practices. All USA based employers must adhere to the rules outlined in section 613 of the FCRA titled “Public record information for employment purposes.” 

Under the FCRA a Criminal Background Check when being conducted for pre-employment or employment screening purposes are considered consumer reports.  Employers need to get consent from current or potential employees before running a background check on them.  The primary rules that employers should follow when performing an employment background check are outlined below:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the following rights:

  • Consumers must be told if information in their file has been used against them
  • Consumers have a right to know what is in their file
  • Consumers have a right to dispute incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) must correct or delete inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable information
  • CRA’s may not report outdated negative information
  • Consumers must give consent for background reports to be provided to employers / potential employers
  • Consumers may seek damages from violators of the FCRA

To become an employment screening member of please click here and fill out our registration form.

To schedule an appointment to speak with a business development expert about pricing, setting up an account or creating a specific background screening package that meets your requirements and fits in your budget, please send an email to: and one of our representatives will help you out.

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