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Criminal Justice Abbreviations & Acronyms
Common Criminal Justice Abbreviations

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A & B     Assault and Battery
A & ROB (armed)     Assault and Robbery (armed)
A INT MAIM     Assault with Intent to Maim
A TO K (or MAIM, MUR, RAPE, ROB)     Assault to Kill (or Maim, Murder, Rape, Rob)
AA     ARMED Assault, Armed
AA/DW     Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
AA/PO     Aggravated Assault Police Officer (Dallas County)
AA/SBI     Aggravated Assault / Serious Bodily Injury
AAWW     Aggravated Assault With Weapon
ABC     Act Alcohol Beverage Control Act
ABD     Abduction
ABET     Abet
ABNDN or ABNDNT     Abandon or Abandonment
ABST     Abstraction
ABUS LANG     Abusive Language
ABWIK     Assault and Battery With Intent to Kill
ACAF     Accessory After the Fact
ACBF     Accessory Before the Fact
ACC     Accessory
ACC AFT FACT REC     Accessory After the Fact, Receiving
ACC BURG     Accessory to Burglary
ACC TO ISS CHK     Accessory to Issuing Check
ACC TO JL BRK     Accessory to Jail Break
ACC TO L     Accessory to Larceny
ACC TO MUR     Accessory to Murder
ACC TO ROB     Accessory to Robbery
ACCOMP DD     Accompanying Drunken Driver
ACCPL     Accomplice
ACCPT BRB     Accepting a Bribe
ADJ     Adjudication
ADLTY     Adultery
ADW     Assault with Deadly Weapon
ADW/FIREARM     Assault with Deadly Weapon/Firearms
AFA     Alien Firearms Act
AFCF     After Former Conviction of a Felony
AFDVT     Affidavit
AFFR     Affray
AFFR WDW     Affray With Deadly Weapon
AFO     Assaulting a Federal Officer
AGG A     Aggravated Assault
AID & ABET LOTT     Aiding and Abetting Lottery
AID & HAR ESC PR     Aiding and Harboring an Escaped Prisoner
AID PR TO ESC     Aiding a Prisoner to Escape
AIDA     Automobile Information Disclosure Act
AKA     Also Known As
ALIEN POSS FIREARMS     Alien in Possession of Firearms
ALLOW DR W/O PRMT     Allowing One to Drive Without a Permit
ALT     Altering
ANNOY & SOL     Annoying and Soliciting
APC     Actual Physical Control
APCV     Actual Physical Control of a Vehicle
APIPOCC     Appropriating Property In Possession Of Common Carrier
APO     Assaulting Police Officer
APP. CT     Appellate Court
APPROP     Appropriating
AR     Anti-Racketeering
ARD     Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition
ARL     Antiriot Laws
ARMED WDW     Armed With Dangerous Weapon
ARSON OF PERS PROP     Arson of Personal Property
ASLT     Assault
ASLT TO RA     Assault to Rob Armed
ASMB     Assembling
ASST     Assisting
ASST ATT TO RAPE     Assisting in Attempt to Commit Rape
ASST PROST     Assisting Prostitution
ATL     Antitrust Law
ATPT     Attempt
ATROC     Atrocious
ATT     Attempt or Attempted
ATT RA     Attempted Robbery Armed
ATTEMPT     Attempt to Steal, Commit, etc
AUTO H & R     Auto – Hit and Run
AUTO NO LIC     Auto – No License
AVIN     Altered Vehicle Identification Number
AWDW     Assault with Deadly Weapon
AWDWIKISI     Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill or Inflict Serious Injury
AWOL     Absent Without Leave

B     Breaking
B     Battery (FBI definition)
B & E     Breaking and Entering
B of P     Breach of Peace (FBI definition)
B/F     Bond Forfeiture
BAIL JUMPG     Bail Jumping
BATT     Battery
BB     Bank Burglary
BC     Bad Check or Bogus Check
BF & E     Bank Fraud and Embezzlement
BI     Bodily Injury
BKMKG     Bookmaking
BL     Bank Larceny
BLKML     Blackmail
BNID     Burglary Not In a Dwelling
BOND FORF     Bond Forfeiture
BOP     Breach of Peace
BORD     Bill of Review Denied
BORG     Bill of Review Granted
BR     Bank Robbery
BRBG     Bribing
BRBY     Bribery
BRCSP     Buying, Receiving, Concealing Stolen Property
BTCP     Probation Following Boot Camp Incarceration
BTG     Beating
BURG     Burglary
BURN DEST INS PROP     Burning, Destroying, etc., Insured Property
BURN INT INJ INS     Burning, Intent to Injure Insurer

C & F     Call and Failed, (voluntary dismissal by judge or court)
C to D of M     Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
CAID     Criminal Activity In Drugs
CAR B     Car Breaking
CAR PROWL     Car Prowling
CC ABUSE/USE     Credit Card Abuse
CCDW     Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon
CCF     Carrying Concealed Firearm
CCM     Community Corrections Management Office
CCW     Carry Concealed Weapon
CD     Conditional Discharge
CDW     Carrying Dangerous Weapon
CI     Correctional Institution
CIT     Citation Code (Georgia State)
CK     (Check) can also mean Carnal Knowledge (of FC – Female Child)
CL     Complied with Law
CMPT     Contempt
CNSP     Conspiracy to Commit
CNTY     CRT County Court
CO     Central Office
COC     Contempt of Court
COMM IND ACT     Committing Indecent Act
COMN     Common (used with assault, cheat, drunk, etc.)
COMP FEL     Compounding a Felony
CONC EVID     Concealing Evidence
CONSP     Conspiracy
CONT DA     Controlled Dangerous Substance
CONV     Conversion
CPCS     Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance
CPDD     Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs
CPSP     Criminal Possession of Stolen Property
CR B     Criminal – B (Not Felony)
CR to ANI     Cruelty to Animals
CR to CHDN     Cruelty to Children
CRIM CRLESS     Criminal Carelessness
CRLESS DR     Careless Driving
CRNL     Carnal
CRNL KNLDG     Carnal Knowledge (of FC – Female Child)
CRSP     Criminal Receiving Stolen Property
CRV     Conditional Release Violator
CSA     Controlled Substance Act
CSCS     Criminal Sale of Controlled Substances
CTFG or CTFT     Counterfeiting or Counterfeit
CW     Concealed Weapons
CW W/O PRMT OR LIC     Carrying Weapon Without Permit or License
CWIK     Cutting With Intent to Kill

D & D(C)     Drunk and Disorderly (Conduct)
D & S     Dangerous and Suspicious
DA     Drug Abuse
DAA W/O OP     Driving Away Auto Without Owner’s Permission
DAMV     Destruction of Aircraft or Motor Vehicles
DAR     Driving After Revocation
DC     Disorderly Conduct
DC     Detention Center
DCI     Driving Car Intoxicated
DCI (-D or -L)     Driving Car Intoxicated (-Drugs or -Liquor)
DCMW     Drunk in Control of Motor Vehicle
DE     Deferred
DEAL IN LOTT POL     Dealing in Lottery Police
DECEPTIVE PRACTICE     Writing Bad Checks
DEF BLDG     Defacing Building
DEF BRAKES     Defective Brakes
DEF GPVT BONDS     Defacing Government Bonds
DEF OR DEST PERS PROP     Defacing or Destroying Personal Property
DEF OR DEST PUB PROP     Defacing or Destroying Public Property
DEFR     Defrauding
DELIN     Delinquent
DEP     Deportation
DEPOS IN US PO THRT     Depositing in US Post Office Threat to Injure Person or Property of Addressee
DESER     Desertion or Deserter
DESTR OF IP     Destruction of Interstate Property
DGP     Destruction of Government Property
DH     Disorderly House
DIP     Drunk In Public
DIS     Disorderly
DISCH FIREARMS     Discharging Firearms
DISM     Charge Dismissed
DISP MTG PROP     Disposing of Mortgaged Property
DISP STLN PROP     Disposing of Stolen Property
DIST     Disturbance
DIST PEACE     Disturbing the Peace
DISTIL     Distilling
DISTR     Distributing
DIV     Diverting
DL     Drug Law
DMG PROP     Damaging Property
DOF     Desecration of Flag
DP     Disorderly Person
DR W/O PRMT     Driving Without Permit
DRK     Drunk
DRUG/MOP SCH     Drugs Manufactured or Possessed Near a School
DRW CHK W/O FDS     Drawing Check Without Funds
DRW OR EXH FIREARMS     Drawing or Exhibiting Firearms
DSMD     Dismissed
DSPLY VOID OP LIC     Displaying Void Operator’s License
DUI (L)     Driving Under Influence (of Liquor)
DUS     Driving Under Suspension
DV     Domestic Violence
DW     Dangerous Weapon
DWA     Dangerous Weapon Act
DWAI     Driving While Ability Impaired
DWD (-D or -L)     Driving While Drunk (-Drugs or -Liquor)
DWI     Driving While Impaired
DWLG     Dwelling
DWLS     Driving While License Suspended
DWLS/SR     Driving While License Suspended/Sentence Reduced
DYN     Dynamiting
DYN INH BLDG     Dynamiting Inhabited Building

EAR     Escape and Rescue
ECT     Extortionate Credit Transactions
EFP     Escaped Federal Prisoner
EGP     Embezzlement of Government Property
EID     Explosives and Incendiary Devices
EL     Election Laws
ELIM     Elimination
EMBZ     Embezzlement or Embezzling
ENDANG     Endangering
ENDANG L OR H OF CHILD     Endangering the Life or Health of a Child
ENT (or E)     Entering
ENTIC     Enticing
ENTIC FEM U AGE     Enticing Females Under Age
ENTIC INTO IMM PLACE     Enticing Into Immoral Place
ESC     Escaped
ESC CONV     Escaped Convict
ESC FED CUST     Escaping Federal Custody
ESC LAW FRAUD VIOLATION     Employment Security Commission Law Fraud Violation (Welfare Fraud)
ESP     Espionage
EV     Evasion or Evading
EV TAX L     Evasion of Tax Law
EVSDRP     Eavesdropping
EXH     Exhibiting
EXPLSV     Explosives
EXPOS     Exposing
EXT     Extortion

F1 – F6     Felonies with F1 being the most serious type of offense
FACL     Facilitation Of
FAG     Fraud Against Government
FAIL     Failure
FAIL ANS SUM     Failure to Answer Summons
FAIL ASST AFT CAUS WRK     Failure to Assist After Causing Wreck
FAIL RPT ACC     Failure to Report and Accident
FAIL RPT FEL     Failure to Report a Felony
FAIL SRV LEG PROC     Failure to Serve Legal Process
FAIL TO AID     Failure to Stop and Render Aid
FAIL TO APP     Failure to Appear
FAIL TO OBT LIC OR PRMT     Failure to Obtain a License or Permit
FAIL TO PROV     Failure to Provide
FALSE     Pretenses Writing Insufficient Check
FCC     False Claiming U.S. Citizenship
FCC     Federal Correctional Complex
FCI     Federal Correctional Institution
FCR     Fines, Costs and Restitution
FDC     Federal Detention Center
FEL RED     Felony Reduction
FERIC     False Entries in Records of Interstate Carriers
FF     Fugitive File
FFA     Federal Firearms Act
FFJ     Fugitive from Justice
FFST     Fail to File State Taxes
FHA     Federal Housing Administration
FHIF     Frequenting House of Ill Fame
FICT     Fictitious
FIREARMS A     Firearms Act
FJDA     Federal Juvenile Delinquency Act
FLS     False
FLS ADV     False Advertising
FLS CL     False Claims
FLS FIRE ALA     False Fire Alarm
FLS POL ALA     False Police Alarm
FMC     Federal Medical Center
FMFR     Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
FOA     Fugitive Other Authorities
FORC ENT     Forcible Entry
FORF     Forfeiture, Forfeiting
FORG     Forged, Forgery
FORG & PASS     Forging and Passing
FORG DR PRESC     Forging Doctor’s Prescription
FORG US OBLI     Forging U.S. Obligations
FORN     Fornication
FP     False Pretenses
FPC     Federal Prison Camp
FR     False Report
FRA     Federal Reserve Act
FRD     Fraud, Fraudulent
FSRA     Failure to Stop and Render Aid after a Collision
FTA/TP CST     Failure to Appear to Pay Fine and Cost
FTC     Federal Transfer Center
FUDE     Fugitive Deserter
FUUSTC     Forging and Uttering U.S. Treasury Check

GA     Guilty in Absentia
GAMB     Gambling
GL (A)     Grand Larceny (Auto)
GLFR     Grand Larceny from Retailer
GR BOD INJ     Gross Bodily Injury
GRD THFT or GT(A)     Grand Theft (Auto)
GROSS CHT     Gross Cheat
GROSS INJ     Gross Injury

H of IF     House of Ill Fame
H of PROS     House of Prostitution
HAB     Habitual
HAB DRK     Habitual Drunk
HARB CRIM     Harboring Criminals
HB     Housebreaking
HLDP     Holdup
HLDP DW     Holdup with Deadly Weapon
HVSW     Health Violation Solid Waste
HWY ROB     Highway Robbery

ICC     Indirect Criminal Contempt
IGA     Interstate Gambling Activities
IGB     Illegal Gambling Business
ILL MFNG USE SALE EMBLEMS INSIGNIA     Illegal Manufacturing Use – Possession – Sale – Emblems - Insignia
ILL PRAC MED     Illegal Practice of Medicine
ILLEG BUSN     Illegal Business
ILLEG COHAB     Illegal Cohabitation
ILLEG DENT     Illegal Dentistry
ILLEG ENT US     Illegal Entry to U.S.
ILLIC     Illicit
ILLIC DISTIL     Illicit Distilling
IMM     Immoral
IMM ENTNMT     Immoral Entertainment
IMP     Impersonating or Impersonation
IMP OFC     Impersonating an Officer
IMPR ST LIC     Improper State License
INCEND     Incendiarism
INCORR     Incorrigible or Incorrigibility
IND     Indecent
IND COND     Indecent Conduct
IND EXP     Indecent Exposure
IND LIB (MIN CHILD)     Indecent Liberties (With Minor Child)
INF     Infamous
INF CR AGST NAT     Infamous Crime Against Nature
INFL     Influence
INJCT     Injunction
INM DH     Inmate Disorderly House
INN     Innocent. Plea of not guilty, found innocent by the jury
INST     Instructed verdict, found innocent of charge. (FBI definition is Instrument)
INSUF FDS or INSF     Insufficient Funds
INT     Intent
INT CS IN CO FAC     Introducing a Controlled Substance into a County Facility
INTCRSE WITH CHILD     Intercourse With Child
INTERF     Interfering
INTIM     Intimidation or Intimidating
INTIM GOVT WIT     Intimidating Government Witness
INTOX     Intoxication or Intoxicated
INV     Investigation
INVET VAG     Inveterate Vagrancy
INVOL MANSL     Involuntary Manslaughter
IOC     Interception of Communications
IPGP     Illegal Possession of Government Property
IPPL     Illegal Possession Prohibited Liquor
IRA     Internal Revenue Act
IRC     Internal Revenue Code
IRL     Internal Revenue Law
IRLL     Internal Revenue Liquor Law
ISS     Involuntary Servitude and Slavery
ISS FRD INST     Issuing Fraudulent Instruments
IT     Interstate Theft
ITAR     Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering
ITF     Interstate Transportation of Fireworks
ITGD     Interstate Transportation of Gambling Devices
ITLT     Interstate Transportation of Lottery Tickets
ITOM     Interstate Transportation of Obscene Matter
ITPMG     Interstate Transportation of Prison-Made Goods
ITSA     Interstate Transportation of Stolen Aircraft
ITSC     Interstate Transportation of Stolen Cattle
ITSMV     Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle
ITSP (CT or MT)     Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property (Commercialized Theft or Major Theft)
ITWI     Interstate Transmission of Wagering Information
ITWP     Interstate Transportation of Wagering Paraphernalia
IWC     Issue Worthless Check
IWFC     Interference With Flight Crew

J SATISF     Judgment Satisfied
JCCP     Plea of not guilty, found guilty by the jury and sentenced by the jury
JCJG     Plea of not guilty, found guilty by the jury and sentenced by the judge
JD     Juvenile Delinquency
JDA     Juvenile Delinquency Act
JGSA     Judgment Set Aside
JL B     Jail Breaking
JN CLOSED     Judicial Number Closed
JOY RID     Joy Riding
JVGR     Finding for defendant to stand trial as an adult. Case transferred to grand jury
JVJV     Juvenile case returned to juvenile court
JVTR     Defendant found to be juvenile by the judge, case transferred to juvenile court

KCSP     Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property
KFO     Killing Federal Officer
KHIF     Keeping House of Ill Fame
KID     Kidnapping
KPO     Killing Police Officer
KRA     Kickback Racket Act
KRSP     Knowingly Receiving Stolen Property

L & R     Larceny and Receiving
L AFT TRUST     Larceny After Trust
L and L     Lewd and Lascivious
L BY BAILEE     Larceny by Bailee
L FR IS     Larceny From Interstate Shipment
LARC (or L)     Larceny
LASCV     Lascivious
LEWD & DISSOL     Lewd and Dissolute
LEWD & IND ACT     Lewd and Indecent Act
LIO     Lesser Inclusive Offense
LIQ     Liquor
LI-S/R/D/AL/SUS OP/NEV APPL     License Suspended, Revoked, Denied; Applicant License Suspended, Never Applied
LL     Liquor Law
LMFR     Larceny Merchandise From Retailer
LOIT     Loitering
LOTT     Lottery
LSA     Leaving the Scene of an Accident
LV ACC     Leaving the Scene of an Accident (FBI definition)

MAIN BAWDY H     Maintaining Bawdy House
MAIN DH     Maintaining Disorderly House
MAIN LIQ NUIS     Maintaining Liquor Nuisance
MAL     Malicious
MANSL     Manslaughter
MAT WIT     Material Witness
MCC     Metropolitan Correctional Center
MCFP     Medical Center for Federal Prisoners
MDC     Metropolitan Detention Center
MF     Mail Fraud
MIP     Minor in Possession
MISAP BY PUB OFC     Misappropriation by Public Officer
MISCOND     Misconduct
MISD     Misdemeanor Charge
MIST     Mistrial
MKG FLS AFI     Making False Affidavit
MOB ACTION     Group Disruption
MOL     Molesting
MUR     Murder
MUTIL     Mutilating
MVI     Motor Vehicle Inspection
MVR     Mandatory Release Violator
MVR     Motor Vehicle Report

NACT     No Action
NADG     Non-Adjudication of Guilt (Agreed Plea)
NAFM     No Alabama Fuel Marker
NAJG     Non-Adjudication of Guilt (Open Plea)
NAOG     Deferred Probation
NARA     Narcotics Addict Rehabilitation Act
NARC     Narcotics
NAT A     Naturalization Act
NEG     Neglect
NFA     National Firearms Act
NFOG     No Finding of Guilt
NGRI     Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
NMVTA     National Motor Vehicle Theft Act
NOL PRS     Nolle Pros, Nolle Prosequi, or Nolle Prossed
NON SUP     Nonsupport
NPCF BY MAGISTRATE     No probable cause found by Magistrate
NRA (MD)     National Resource Authority (i.e. Fishing without a license, etc.)
NSP     National Stolen Property
NUIS     Nuisance
NWNI     Negotiating a Worthless Negotiable Instrument (bad check)

OAWI     Operating Auto While Intoxicated
OBS LIT     Obscene Literature
OBS PICT     Obscene Pictures
OBTS FORMAT     Offensive Base Tracking System (Florida computer system for law enforcement tracking of cases.)
OCC ROOM IMM PUR     Occupying Room for Immoral Purposes
OCI     Obstruction of Criminal Investigations
OCO     Obstruction of Court Orders
ODLA     Driver License Amended
ODLD     Driver License Dismissed
ODLG     Driver License Granted
OGFP     Obtaining Goods by False Pretense
OHIR     Operating House of Ill Repute
OMFP     Obtaining Money by False Pretense
OMV PRMT SUSP     Operating Motor Vehicle after Permit Suspended
OMV W/O (LIC PL or OC or PRMT)     Operating Motor Vehicle Without (License Plates or Owner’s Consent or Permit)
OMVWI (-D or –L)     Operating Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (-Drugs or -Liquor)
OOJ     Obstruction of Justice
OP LOT & SL MACH     Operating Lottery and Slot Machine
OP STILL     Operating Still
OPFP     Obtaining Property Under False Pretenses
OPIUM     Opium Resorts
ORD     Ordinance
OUI     Operating Under the Influence of Liquor or Drugs
OVUI (-D or –L)     Operating Vehicle Under Influence of (-Drugs or -Liquor)
OVUIL OR NARC     Operating Vehicle Under Influence of Liquor or Narcotic Drugs
OVWD (-D or –L)     Operating Vehicle While Drunk (-Drugs or -Liquor)
OWI     Operating While Intoxicated

P NC     Plead No Contest
P/W INT DEL COC     Possession with intent to deliver cocaine
PA     Plea in Abeyance
PAND     Pandering
PANH     Panhandling
PASS BAD CHKS     Passing Bad Checks
PASS CTFT CURR     Passing Counterfeit Currency
PASS FORG PO MO     Passing Forged Post Office Money Orders
PASS RAISED MO     Passing Raised Money Orders
PASS WRTHLS CHKS     Passing Worthless Checks
Pawnbrokers Act     False reporting to a pawn broker
PAY ON SCH OF P/O;  WHEN MONIES PD TRANS TO UNSUP     Pay on schedule of parole officer; when monies paid transfer to unsupervised probation
PBV     Parole Violator
PCT     Possession of Criminal Tools
PED     Peddler or Peddling
PERJ     Perjury
PERV     Pervert or Perverted
PERV PRAC     Perverted Practice
PFA     Considered a Violation; Protection from Abuse
PGBC     Agreed Plea of Guilty Before the Court
PGBJ     Open Plea of Guilty Before a Jury
PGFR     Agreed Plea of Guilty Before the Court. Felony reduced to a misdemeanor
PGJG     Open Plea of Guilty Before the Court
PIC     Possession of Implement of Crime
PIE     Presence in Illegal Establishment
PIMP     Pimping
PIST L     Pistol Law
PJ or PJC     Prayer for Judgment
PL     Petty Larceny
POIS     Poisoning
POLY     Polygamy
POS/CON F-WN/LQ/MXBV UNAUTH PR     Possession of a full container of wine, liquor or malt beverage (beer) by an unauthorized person
POSS     Possession
POSS BURG TOOLS     Possession of Burglary Tools
POSS CONTR SUB     Possession Controlled Substance
POSS CP CS – LT 28G     Criminal possession of a controlled substance less than (number of) grams
POSS DW     Possession Dangerous Weapon
POSS SG     Possession Stolen Goods
POSS STLN PROP     Possession Stolen Property
POST L     Postal Laws
PP     Prepaid
PP     Pickpocket (FBI Definition)
PRCS     Probation Reduced and Case Set Aside
PRE/OBS EXT FIRE     Preventing or Obstruction of Extinguishing Fire
PRE-IND PROB     Accelerated rehabilitation program. Defendant is placed on probation. Defendant must complete class before charges will be expunged from the record
PRES FLS CL     Presenting False Claim
PROB     Probation
PROC     Procuring
PROC FEM FOR H OF IF     Procuring Females For House of Ill Fame
PROC TO COMM ARSON     Procuring Person to Commit Arson
PROF     Profanity
PROST     Prostitution
PROWL     Prowling
PSC     Public Safety Violation Code
PT     Petty Theft
PTI     Pre-Trial Intervention
PUB INTOX     Public Intoxication
PUB NUIS     Public Nuisance
PUR/ATT F-WN/LQ/MXBV < 21     Purchase/Attempt to Purchase Fortified Wine/Liquor/Malt Liquor Beverage by Someone Under the Age of 21
PV     Parole Violator
PWOC     Passing Worthless Check

QUAR     Quarantine

RA     Registration Act
RAPE MNR     Rape of Minor
RCA     Red Cross Act
REAP     Reckless Endangering Another Person
REC     Receiving
REC & CONC     Receiving and Concealing
REC MON FR PROST     Receiving Money From Prostitute
REC PO MO     Receiving Post Office Money Orders
RECDG WGRS     Recording Wagers
RECK DR     Reckless Driving
REM IDENT ON GUN     Removing Identification on Gun
REM OR CONC SPRTS     Removal or Concealment of Spirits Contrary to Law
RENT LEWD BKS     Renting Lewd Books
RESIST ARR     Resisting Arrest
RESIST OFC     Resisting an Officer
REST ARR W/O VIOL     Resisting Arrest Without Violence
REVK     Revoked
RICO     Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization
RIF US MAILS     Rifling U.S. Mails
RIOT     Rioting
RO     Regional Office
ROB (ARMED or UNARMED)     Robbery (Armed or Unarmed)
RS OF W/O V     Resisting Officer Without Violence
RSG     Receiving Stolen Goods
RSP     Receiving Stolen Property
RSPMV     Receiving Stolen Property – Motor Vehicle
RULE     Probation Violation
RVRD     Probation Revoked and Sentence Reduced
RVSP     Non-Adjudicated Probation Revoked and Sentenced to Straight Probation

SAB     Sabotage
SAFECRK     Safecracking
SALE IND LIT     Sale of Indecent Literature
SALE LIQ     Sale Liquor
SALE MTGD PROP     Sale Mortgaged Property
SALE NARC     Sale Narcotics
SALE SEC W/O REG     Sale Securities Without Being Registered
SED     Sedition
SEDCT     Seduction
SEDD 1,500     Securing and Executing a Document of at Least $1,500 but Less Than $20,000 by Deception or Fraud (Dallas County)
SELL SEC NO LIC     Selling Securities, No License
SELL UNREG REVLVR     Selling Unregistered Revolver
SES     Suspend Entry Sentence
SEX A-V CH     Sexual Assault of a Child, Anal and Vaginal
SFCAA     State Firearms Control Assistance Act
SH     Shooting
SHPB     Shock Probation
SHPLFTG     Shoplifting
SKA     Switchblade Knife Act
SLAN     Slander or Slanderous
SLIP     Soliciting for Lewd and Immoral Purpose
SMUG     Smuggling
SNL     State Narcotic Law
SOD     Sodomy
SOL     Solicitation of Bribery (FBI Definition)
SOL     Stricken of Leave
SOL COMM SOD     Soliciting to Commit Sodomy
SOL FOR PROS     Solicitation for Prostitution
SOL IMM PURP     Soliciting for Immoral Purpose
SOL W/O LIC     Soliciting Without License
SOLC     Solicitation to Commit
SP     Suspicious Person
SPEED     Speeding
SSA     Selective Service Act
ST POIS A     State Poison Act
ST PROH     State Prohibition
ST WAGE L     State Wage Law
STAB     Stabbing
STAB WITH INT KILL     Stabbing With Intent to Kill
STAT RAPE     Statutory Rape
STEAL FR COMN CARRIER     Stealing from Common Carrier
STEAL SECR OR EMBZ MAIL     Stealing, Secreting or Embezzling Mail Matter
STET     Set Aside, Pending (non conviction)
STLN PROP     Stolen Property
STORE B     Store Breaking
STSN     Running a Stop Sign
SUBV ACTIV     Subversive Activity
SUN L     Sunday Law
SUP     Support
SUS IMP SENT     Suspended Imposition Sent. Non-Conviction
SUSP     Suspicion
SW OVER $50     Swindling Over $50
SW UNDER $50     Swindling Under $50
SW W CHKS     Swindle With Checks
SWIT LIC PL     Switching License Plates
SWWC     Swindle With Worthless Checks

T     Theft
T BY BAIL     Theft By Bailee
T BY DECEP     Theft By Deception
T BY T     Theft By Taking
T OVER $50     Theft Over $50
T UNDER $50     Theft Under $50
T/O 200     Theft Over $200
TA     Tariff Act
TAMP     Tampering
TAMP GOV REC     Tampering with Government Records
TAWOP     Taking Auto Without Owner’s Permission
TBC     Theft By Check
TBCI     Plea of not guilty, found innocent by the judge
TBCT     Plea of not guilty, found guilty by the judge and sentenced by the judge
TBD     Trial by Declaration
TDL     Texas Driver License
TFIS (-AH)     Theft from Interstate Shipment (-Armed Hijacking)
TGP     Theft of Government Property
THEFT 750 R AND C     Theft of $750 by Receiving And Concealing
THRT     Threat (FBI Definition)
THRT     Threat to Commit
THRT B OF P     Threatened Breach of Peace
THRT TO EXT     Threats to Extort
TOP     Theft of Property
TR RIDER     Train Rider
TRAF A     Traffic Act
TRAF ORD     Traffic Ordinance
TRAF SIG     Traffic Signals (Running Signal Light)
TRAN     Transfer to another County/District Court
TRANSP (LIQ or NARC)     Transporting (Liquor or Narcotics)
TRESP     Trespassing
TRU     Truancy
TWEA     Trading With the Enemy Act
TYPE OC     Original Capias (Warrant information)

U & P     Uttering and Publishing
U/U LIVESTOCK MV     Unlawful Use of a Livestock Motor Vehicle
UBAL     Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level
UCW     Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon
UDAA     Unlawful Driving Away Auto
UDFC     Utter Distribute Forged Checks
UFA     Uniform Firearms Act
UFAC     Unlawful Flight to Avoid Custody or Confinement
UFAP     Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution
UFAT     Unlawful Flight to Avoid Testimony
UIBC     Unlawful Issuance of a Bank Check
UISC     Unreported Interstate Shipment of Cigarettes
UMTA     Using Mails To Defraud
UNA     Uniform Narcotics Act
UNL ASM     Unlawful Assembly
UNL DAA & ABNDN     Unlawfully Driving Away and Abandoning Auto
UNL ENT     Unlawful Entry
UNL MARR     Unlawful Marriage
UNL POSS FIREARMS     Unlawful Possession of Firearms
UNL POSS OR USE EXPLSV     Unlawful Possession or Use of Explosives (bombs, etc.)
UNL SALE OF SEC     Unlawful Sale of Securities
UNL USE W (OR UUW)     Unlawful Use of Weapon
UNLIC CHAUF     Unlicensed Chauffeur
UNREG STILL     Unregistered Still
UPRF     Unlawful Possession or Receipt of Firearms
UPUC     Unauthorized Publication or Use of Communications
USCC     U.S. Criminal Code or U.S. Criminal Court
USING MV W/O PRMS     Using Motor Vehicle Without Permission
USING PROF & AB LANG     Using Profane and Abusive Language
USP     U.S. Penitentiary
USTP     Unsatisfactory Termination of Probation
UTT     Uttering
UTT CHK     Uttering Check
UTT FORG INST     Uttering Forged Instrument
UTT FORG OBL     Uttering Forged Obligation

VAG     Vagrancy
VAGA     Vagabond
VAM     Veterans Administration Matters
VCSDDCA     Violation Controlled Substance Drug Device and Cosmetic
VEH     Vehicle
VEH NO LTS     Vehicle No Lights
VGCSA     Violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act (Georgia
VIN     Vehicle Identification Number
VIO CITY ORD     Violating City Ordinance
VIO CSA     Violating Controlled Substance Act
VIO DAA     Violation Drug Abuse Act
VIO DDCA     Violation Dangerous Drugs and Control Act
VIO DYER A     Violation Dyer Act
VIO FED INJ     Violation Federal Injunction
VIO HNA     Violation Harrison Narcotic Act
VIO IMMI L     Violation Immigration Law
VIO NMVTA     Violation National Motor Vehicle Theft Act
VIO OF HL     Violation of Health Laws
VIO OF LL     Violation of Liquor Law
VIO ST GAME & FISH L     Violating State Game and Fish Law
VIO ST LL     Violation State Liquor Law
VIO TRAF REG     Violation Traffic Regulation
VIO UFA     Violation Uniform Firearms Act
VIRL (-L)     Violation of Internal Revenue Laws (-Liquor)
VOL MANSL     Voluntary Manslaughter
VOL MUR     Voluntary Murder
VOP     Violation of Probation
VT     Vehicle Taking or Vehicle Theft

W/S     With Specifications
WAND     Wandering
WC     Worthless Check
WC-OBT PROB     Worthless Check to Obtain Property
WIND PEEP     Window Peeping
WOUND     Wounding
WPPDA     Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act
WPT     Withdrawn Prior to Trial
WRONG LIC PL     Wrong License Plates
WRTD     Writ Denied
WRTG     Writ Granted
WRTHLS INST     Worthless Instrument
WSTA     White Slave Traffic Act
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