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October 7, 2021
  County Level Ban-the-Box Continues the Trend of Managing Use of Criminal Records in Background Screening
September 9, 2021
  Ban-the-Box Train Keeps Rollin and Will Keep Rollin
August 12, 2021
  Ban-the-Box Laws Continue to Appear Across the Country, Further Affecting Background Screening; Opines
July 7, 2021
  DOB and Other Identifiers Removed from Public Records, Potentially Slowing the Background Screening Process; Opines
June 15, 2021
  Ban-the-Box on College Applications Remain in the News
May 13, 2021
  Change to Ban the Box Laws Can Lead to Confusion for Hiring Managers and HR Departments; Opines
April 8, 2021
  Ban the Box Goes to College: The Next Evolution in Eliminating the Question of Criminal History
March 11, 2021
  Growing Push for National Ban-the-Box Law Should Alert Hiring Managers
February 11, 2021
  NYC Example of Ban-the-Box Law Evolution at a Municipal Level
January 21, 2021
  Marijuana May be the Big Issue in Pre Employment Background Screening in 2021; Opines
December 10, 2020
  Change in Ban-the-Box Law Highlight Challenges for Hiring Managers & HR Depts.; Opines
November 12, 2020
  California's New Guidance Highlights Potential Change Affecting Hiring and Criminal Records
October 8, 2020
  Criminal History Records Need Not Hold One Back
September 17, 2020
  During Covid-19 Background Screening Should Continue Without Change; States
August 31, 2020
  Working with Background Screening Agencies Remains Best Practice as Ban-the-Box Laws Continue to Change & Evolve
July 9, 2020
  Mid-Year Check-In on Ban-the-Box
June 11, 2020
  COVID-19 and Return to Work
May 12, 2020
  Hiring Challenges During Times of COVID 19
April 14, 2020
  COVID19 and the EEOC Guidance
March 17, 2020
  Ban-the-Box Not Always Instant Legislative Passage, Employers Should Still Take Notice; Opines
February 11, 2020
  Ban the Box in the News!
January 15, 2020
  Ban-the-Box Legislation in Waterloo, Iowa Faces Challenges
December 16, 2019
  Caregivers & Criminal History; Challenges to Protecting At-Risk Populations
November 12, 2019
  Ban-the-Box: News, Highlights, and Updates
October 10, 2019
  Holiday Hiring is in Full Effect; Maintain Pre-Employment Screening Policies
September 12, 2019
  Lyft Potential Example of Continuous Background Screening Best Practice; Opines
August 22, 2019
  Background Screening & Caregivers
July 10, 2019
  Background Checks for Volunteers: An Ongoing Debate; Opines
June 7, 2019
  Ban-the-Box Enacted In Colorado; Vetoed in Maryland - On-going Change Affecting Hiring Managers
May 7, 2019
  But What About Reference Checks as a Part of Pre-Employment Background Screening
April 19, 2019
  SHRM Pushes for Greater Inclusion of Formerly Incarcerated, a Step that Could Greatly Impact Hiring; Opines
March 25, 2019
  Potential California Law May Affect Use of Criminal History Information
February 20, 2019
  Thorough Background Screening of Ride Sharing Drivers Could Better Serve the Public; opines
January 10, 2018
  "Clean Slate" and "Expungement" Legislation May Bring Change to Background Screening, Opines
December 12, 2018
  Criminal Records and Background Checks in the Gig Economy
November 9, 2018
  NOLO & Duke Join Growing List of Cities & Universities “Banning-the-box” on Employment & Academic Applications
October 12, 2018
  Back to School; Back to Background Screening Volunteers
September 14, 2018
  Ban The Box Laws in Low Employment Economy: Are They Helping Ex-Cons Find Employment?
August 17, 2018
  Booming Economy Helps "Ban-the-Box"
July 13, 2018
  Volunteers Should Always Pass a Vigorous Background Check; Opines
June 12, 2018
  Be Current, Stay Current; Evolution of Ban-the-Box Laws as Exampled by Massachusetts
May 11, 2018
  Caregiver Abuse Remains in the Headlines
April 20, 2018
  Avoid Summertime Blues and Conduct Volunteer Background Checks
March 16, 2018
  EEOC and FCRA Lawsuits Can Be Costly & Might Be Avoidable
February 16, 2018
  Criminal History Reports in the News
January 11,, 2018
  New Laws in 2018 Remind Business to Review Pre-Employment Background Screening Policies; States
December 15, 2017
  Caregiver Background Checks
November 22, 2017
  Ban the Box Activity Highlights Immediate Call to Action for Hiring Managers, Opines
October 19, 2017
  Ban-The-Box California Style; More Evidence of Continuous Change in Pre-Employment Background Screening
September 15, 2017
  Background Checks on Employed and Volunteer Coaches for Youth Sports
August 09, 2017
  Caregiver Background Checks Remain Critical in the Care of At-Risk Populations; States
July 10, 2017
  Volunteer Coaches Must Be Background Checked
June 13, 2017
  Change in Direction on Drug Sentencing May Further Challenge Pre-Employment Background Screening
May 11, 2017
  Subtle Difference in Law: Legal Marijuana in the Workplace in Southwest
April 19, 2017
  With Summer Approaching It’s Time to Protect Young Athletes and Campers with Thorough Background Screening
March 21, 2017
  Elder Abuse: A Hidden Epidemic
February 16, 2017
  Criminal Records at Home and Abroad in the Trump-Era
January 13, 2017
  Caregiver Background Checks: Caring for At-Risk Populations is Critical in an Aging Population
December 22, 2016
  Inside the Background Screening Process - Background Screening 101 – Part 2
November 11, 2016
  Employment Screening Review - Time to Reevaluate Background Screening Policies
October 18, 2016
  California Leading the Way Regarding the Use of Juvenile Criminal Records; States
September 28, 2016
  Criminal Records and Ban-the-Box; a Continuing Struggle
August 24, 2016
  “Ban-the-Box” Type Policies May Impact Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning Admission Policies
July 12, 2016
  Background Screening Paid and Volunteer Coaches Should Be Mandatory,
June 15, 2016
  Critical Reports for Pre-Employment Background Screening - Beyond Criminal History
May 18, 2016
  Lying on Resumes: A Bad Idea, An Easy Catch on a Background Check
April 20, 2016
  Summer's Coming and It's Time For Camp: Background Screening and Volunteers
March 18, 2016
  The Use of Criminal Histories in Pre-Employment Background Screening Continues to be Scrutinized, States
February 10, 2016
  Risk Management is Key to Nanny Background Checks
January 17, 2016
  Background Checks on In-Home Contractors Should Never Be Overlooked
December 16, 2015
  Caregiver and Volunteer Background Checks
November 20, 2015
  Databases, County Courthouses, and Background Screening
October 19, 2015 States: Oct. 1 Marks 1st Day of Legal Marijuana Sales In Oregon Which May Lead to Changes With Drug Screen Policies
September 16, 2015
  Areas of Common Background Screening
August 27, 2015
  Recent Challenges to UBER's Background Policies Highlight Need for Thorough Pre-Employment Background Screening; States
July 29, 2015 States: Legalization of Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use Continue to Create Chaos in the Workplace
June 23, 2015
  Volunteer Background Checks are Critical to Risk Mitigation States
May 12, 2015 States: With Summer Camp Season Around the Corner Counselor Background Checks Should Be Mandatory
Aprin 17, 2015
  Summer is Almost Here: Background Screening and Provisional Hires
March 19, 2015 States: Expungement of Criminal Records May be a Step Toward Re-Employment
February 19, 2015
  Background Screening: A Diversity of Risk Mitigation in Protecting At-Risk Populations
January 15, 2015
  To Expand Background Checks or Not to Expand Background Checks: Always a Question
December 20, 2014
  Caregivers for the Elderly: A Difficult Challenge…Don’t Forget the Background Check
November 14, 2014
  Seasonal Hiring and Background Screening: Is it Christmas Already
October 21, 2014
  Volunteer Checks: A Critical Tool in All Areas of Volunteering
September 11, 2014
  Criminal History: A Public Document Under Increasing Scrutiny for Use in Background Screening
August 22, 2014
  Diploma Mills: The Scourge of Employers and Education Verification, and an Increasing Risk
July 25, 2014
  The Evolving Landscape of Background Checks, Criminal History Reports, and Where They are Used
June 9, 2014
  Highlights of the Joint Guidance from the EEOC and FTC: For Employees and Employers
May 22nd, 2014
  Schools Remain Critical Environments for Thorough and Complete Background Screening
April 23rd, 2014
  Background Checks: In the News!
March 17th, 2014
  Consumer’s Rights with Background Screening
February 13th, 2014
  Post-Hire Background Checks: More Than Trust With At-Risk Populations
January 13th, 2014
  Background Screening Trends 2014: Ban-the-Box
December 11th, 2013
  Ban the Box comes to California
November 15th, 2013
  Will the Mall Santa Pass His Background Check?
October 3, 2013
  Background Screening and Risk Mitigation: Simply Put
September 8, 2013
  College Applications Include Criminal History and Sex Offender Questions
August 8, 2013
  Recent Lawsuits and Changes in the Law Suggest Employers Review Their Background Screening Policies
July 15, 2013
  Taking a Taxi or Limo? Taking a Risk? Has the Driver Been Background Checked?
June 21, 2013
  Summer Camps and Background Checks: Making It Safe For The Kids
May 9, 2013 Recommends Background Screening for Youth League Coaches
April 13, 2013
  Dance Dads and Background Checks?
March 11, 2013
  Mobile Background Screening Provider in Trouble: Know Your Background Screening Company
February 14, 2013
  To Background Check or Not To Background Check: Not a Simple Question
January 7, 2013
  How Accurate are Background Checks?
December 7, 2012
  Planning Ahead: Jobs and Pre-Employment Screening in 2013
November 13, 2012
  EEOC & Criminal Histories in the News
October 11, 2012
  Tour Guides and Background Screening
September 12, 2012
  College Football, Criminal Background Checks, and Penn State
August 14, 2012
  What is Risk Mitigation and How Does it Affect Employers?
July 18, 2012
  Background Screening: Always In the News
June 11, 2012
  EEOC and use of Criminal History Searches
May 7, 2012
  Monthly Billing - Discounted Pricing
April 15, 2012
  Education Verification: From Maybe to Must
March 6, 2012
  Identity Theft and Mistakes happen
February 21, 2012
  What if the Criminal Record Found is not You?
January 11, 2012
  Workplace Violence Preventative Measures
December 12,, 2011
  Data Entry Made Simple for Background Screening Reports
November 8, 2011
  Pre-Interview Background Checks Get Background Checked Before You Get Background Checked
October 11,, 2011
  Caregivers and Background Checks: Take the Time to Check for Crime
September 9, 2011
  Is It Really Almost Christmas? Retail Background Checks?
August 11, 2011
  Juvenile Criminal Records: What Can Be Done to Clean the Slate?
July 18, 2011
  Background Screening: A Right Way
June 23, 2011 offers valuable tools for Human Resource (HR) professionals.
May 13, 2011
  Summer's Coming: Background Checks and Temporary Hires
April 18, 2011
  Now Offering Driving Records in all 50 US States
March 15, 2011
  Employment Screening Checklist for United States Businesses
February 18, 2011
  National Criminal Background Check verse Federal Court Search
January 20, 2011
  Tenant Screening Credit Report that Protects Your Personally Identifiable Information 
December 09, 2010
  Holiday Hires - Part-Time Criminal Background Check on Seasonal Employees
November 08, 2010
  Background Screening for Risk Mitigation with a Background Check
October 19, 2010
  Employment Background Check for HR Employment Screening
September 07, 2010
  Introducing New Backend Criminal Records Retrieval System
August 28, 2010
  A New Federal Search Background Check
July 12, 2010
  National Background Net and County Criminal Precision
June 14, 2010
  Megans Law and the making of the US Online Sex Offender Registry System
May 12, 2010
  FBI Background Checks
April 23, 2010
  The Development of the National Background Check
March 1, 2010
  International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - Most Wanted (Interpol Most Wanted)

February 12, 2010
  Now Offering Professional Verification Services including: Employment Verification - Education Verification - Reference Check - Credentials Check - License Check
January 04, 2010
  County Criminal Background Checks & Statewide Background Checks vs. National Background Check
December 10, 2009
  NICS Background Checks
November 24, 2009
  Personal Criminal Background Checks
October 30, 2009
  Criminal Records Expungement
September 30, 2009
  Data Relevancy and New Precision Search Matching
August 24, 2009
  Outsource Your Criminal Background Check Requirements
July 20, 2009
  Nanny Background Checks
June 12, 2009
  Now Serving USA Government Agencies: Federal, State, County, City, and Town.
May 15, 2009
  Now Offering Central Billing for Multiple Accounts
April 30, 2009
  Tenant Screening Background Checks
March 24, 2009
  Employment Screening Background Checks & FCRA Compliance
February 23, 2009
  Monthly Billing with Net Terms Now Available for Criminal Background Checks
January, 9, 2009
  Feel Safe running Criminal Background Checks with
July, 27, 2008
  E-Verify: US Citizenship & Immigration Services - Criminal Background Checks & SSN Verifications
May 16, 2008
  Interact with staff, background industry experts and more through our new BLOG!
October 23, 2007
  Understanding common criminal industry terms and what they actually mean.
April 9, 2007
  New! SSN Validation & Address History Trace
March 1, 2007
  Now accepting Google Checkout as form of payment for criminal searches!
September 15, 2006
  We now accept PayPal as means of payment for our criminal reports!
April 21, 2003 announces new instant services.
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