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Identity Theft and Mistakes happen Do a Pre-Interview Background Check

The recent New Jobs Report has shown a steady, if slow, increase in employment, and as signs of growth continue to appear in the economy the recovery gains greater momentum. As the long-term unemployed continue to seek long-term employment the competition for positions will remain high.

Each day job applicants seek different advantages to getting employed. The perfect resume, extensive research on job opportunities, mock interviews to prepare; the application and interview process can be challenging. But consider this: An individual does all the right things, makes the proper impressions, survives the interviews only to get turned down due to an unexpected discovery during the course of the background screening process.

Why take that risk?

Current statistics show that 75% of all companies conduct some sort of background check on new candidates. Background checks generally include Social Security Number Trace, County Criminal Records Check, DMV Records Check, and more. In some circumstances a candidate's Credit History is utilized as part of the background screening package. Additionally, there are a wide variety of additional reports that employer's utilize to verify ones background. These often include Previous Employment, Education Verification, Professional License/Certification Verification, Terrorist List, and Sex Offenders.

Concurrent with the growth of pre-employment background checks are incidences of identity theft.

In a recent article in the Daytona Beach News Journal (February 13, 2012) reports a new trend in identity theft. "As tax season gets into full swing, residents are discovering people have been using their identities, including Social Security numbers, to file false tax returns."

Errors in background data can occur from a simple human mistake as well. Unfortunately many of today's background screening companies rely on databases to compile their background screening information. And, one error, either by malfeasance or simple mistake, can ruin the perfect applicant's opportunity.

An individual background check will allow a candidate to discover any issues, including identity theft, with their personal data and allow them the opportunity to have these errors corrected. Credit reporting agencies are required by federal law as well as the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to correct any errors discovered and presented for removal.

When conducting an individual background check one should consider the scope of the check conducted. With the opportunity of gainful employment the old adage, More is Better, seems especially apt.

The following reports would be a good starting point for any job applicant conducting an individual background check:

• Credit Check - An important report to review at least annually, regardless if it is for pre-employment considerations. Identity theft can often be discovered by reviewing a credit report.
• Social Security Number Trace - If an individual's SSN has been co-opted a SSN Trace will often link a name to the SSN.
• Education Verification - Even if a diploma hangs on the wall in the family den, ensuring that the information is correct can be very important.
County Criminal Records Change - If one lives in a county of high population the potential for similar or same names exists.
• DMV - Check for old tickets or fines that may not have been cleared correctly.
• Sex Offenders - The potential for error exists within any database.

Errors exist. Mistakes happen. As simple as it may sound a review of an individual's background can help ensure that the perfect resume, perfect interview will become the perfect employee.

Contact today to get started on an individual background check. Fully compliant with FCRA and related regulations, can guide an individual through a background screening report as well as assist in correcting and/or eradicating any errors reported.

About is an Information Enterprises, Inc. Solution and is a national background checking site that specializes in criminal background checks. The site has been providing background checks to employers, schools, universities, landlords, individuals and other entities for over a decade and has active members in all 50-US States. Individual products consist of criminal background checks including county, state and national background checks, Social Security number validation, address history traces, Federal court searches, driving records and professional verifications. Visit them online at:

If you would like to work with a sales representative to setup an employment screening monthly billing account, get discounted pricing and gain access to various background checks send an email to and a representative will contact you.

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