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Online Credit Reports, Credit Scores and a Leasing Recommendation for under $30.

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For Instant access to a credit report, credit score, national criminal and a leasing recommendation.

Tenant Screening & Applicant Screening for landlords

It is not enough in today's transient society to simply run a credit report on a potential tenant before renting to them. Incorporating a criminal background check into your applicant screening criteria can help keep your community safe and your mind at peace. Landlords can now perform a criminal background check through our website and get instant access to criminal history records. Giving immediate ability to review any criminal record and determine whether or not a particular applicant is qualified to rent.

It doesn't matter if you have one rental unit or a hundred thousand units, our superior service and comprehensive criminal background checks are available to you online, free of membership and setup fees.

Tenant Screening & Applicant Screening for landlordsConducting a criminal background check before you rent out an apartment is a smart move. Credit history will help you assess an applicant’s ability to pay the rent, but it won’t tell you if they are a serial killer or terrorist. With repeat criminal offenders applying for rent, you need to keep your company, employees and community as safe as you can. help you do just that. What sets us apart from other criminal providers is our expansive network, coverage, speed, ease of use, affordability, level of service, and we’re open every second of the year.

Taking a minute to run a criminal background check reduces your exposure to risks associated with new tenants.

A few quick notes:

  • Long wait times for people looking to rent only gives them more time to look elsewhere for a place to live.
  • Our advanced online technology, detailed criminal background checks, national coverage and speedy customer service puts us above the competition.

Why is a landlord/property manager/leasing agent’s best friend? Simple. Our ordering process is easy and our results are instant. Now that credit reports can be obtained almost instantly, why waste time waiting for criminal results when you don’t have too? This gives you the advantage of leasing a unit without making the applicant wait around before giving them your decision.

Criminal Background also has affiliations and partnerships with criminal background researchers, individual state agencies, large-scale public records data warehousing companies, criminal background providers and independent organizations (which maintain large repositories of criminal and other public information). We give you access to all this public and criminal information instantly so that you do not have to waste time in the hiring process (if you find out in 30 seconds your potential hire is wanted in three states).

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Ordering online is secure and your privacy is safe with us.
For your tenant screening needs, offers an alternative to more expensive, lengthy and manual criminal background searches. Now, you can meet all your criminal background screening needs in seconds, helping you make the right leasing decision every time.

Start your tenant screening now and order a criminal record check. - Tenant Screening
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*California includes Contra Costa, Fresno, Indio, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura Counties only.

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