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Tenant Screening Credit Check

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Credit Check and Criminal Background Check
Tenant Screening Solution for Landlords

We are proud to promote our new sister site

We have a new sister site built to make tenant screening easier, more simple and cost effective for United States based landlords and small property management companies.  The new site achieves these objectives while also giving the landlord the tools and information they seek such as a credit check, national criminal background check, credit score and most importantly an actual leasing recommendation. 

Go to our Sign-In Page now and create a Tenant Screening account in minutes

Credit Checks, Criminal Checks, and Leasing Recommendations result in Good Tenant Screening for
Landlords and Property Managers and this new system also protects the privacy of the Renter. uses the TransUnion SmartMove® Platform to give its customers, both landlords and renters, powerful tenant screening tools through an online system that is easy to use, pay as you go and includes background reports and recommendations you can trust while protecting the privacy of the renter. is now available for tenant screening and does not require any kind of long term commitments or additional fees beyond the actual cost of the background screening you initiate.  Start getting the credit checks, criminal checks, credit score and leasing recommendations you deserve.

Many of our customers have been asking us to provide a tenant screening solution for them that would allow them to perform a credit check and get a credit score at a low cost, and without having to complete lengthy documents or pay fees outside the cost of running the credit check and other background checks.  As a result of this demand we have created a new website that was built specifically to provide landlords and small property management companies with credit checks and leasing recommendations. is not just a great solution for landlords
It is also a smart decision for Renters looking for an apartment

TAKE THE SMART APPROACH TO APPLYING FOR AN APARTMENT LEASE - Ask your property manager or leasing agent to use powered by the TransUnion SmartMove® System before you disclose sensitive, private information to landlords, realtors and leasing agents all over the place.


Online Credit Reports, Credit Scores and a Leasing Recommendation for $25.

Visit our partner site

For Instant access to a credit report, credit score, national criminal and a leasing recommendation.

With many companies requesting your private information for one reason or another be sure to ask them where your information is going to be stored, if it is secure and who else can see it…
Before submitting your Application to Rent an Apartment, Always request they use the SmartMove®  System provided through to protect your private information while still allowing your potential new landlord to access necessary information like your credit history and criminal history, but without revealing your social security number and other personally identifiable information.  Protect yourself and put yourself in a position to get a quick response regarding whether or not you have been accepted for that new apartment you applied for.

Go to and create an account now in minutes
 (Create an account today and take control of your private information when applying for a new apartment)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about

  What happens if a renter has no credit history?  How can their identity be verified?
Answer:  For people that have no credit history they have an option to provide documentation to be manually authenticated. The system would direct them to call into customer service for additional information.

Question:  How is the identity of the applicant/renter verified?
Answer:  The applicant/renter has to also log into and initiate the credit check themselves.  In order for the credit reporting agency (in this case TransUnion) to verify that the applicant/renter is in fact who they say they are and that they are simply requesting their own credit check and causing their own credit report inquiry.
The website asks specific questions to validate the authenticity of the person requesting the credit information. has a secure network and gateway directly connected to TransUnion a trusted credit information housing company, and it is actually TransUnion that verifies the identity of the applicant/renter.

Question:  How does the applicant/renter validation process work?
Answer:  The online authentication system generates questions based on general credit and demographic details derived from the applicant/renters actual credit history and other information on file.


  1. What is the amount of your most recent auto loan?
  2. Amount of your most recent mortgage?
  3. Origination of your most recent auto loan?
  4. Origination of your most recent mortgage?
  5. Previous demographic information like telephone numbers, counties lived in, streets lived on, etc)

Question:  After performing a tenant screening background check on I noticed a section called “Action/Status”, what are all the possible Action/Status’s that could be generated?  Please explain how the “Action/Status” portion of the Criminal Reports Summary page works…
Answer:  First of all the leasing recommendation generated by the system is not based on the criminal data retrieved; however the system does provide all information about a criminal record that the court has on file.

  1. County Where Case Was Filed
  2. File Date
  3. Case Number
  4. Charge
  5. Level Of Charge
  6. Disposition Date
  7. Disposition
  8. Possible sentence information and any other information that a court has on file

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