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Monthly Billing with Net Terms Now Available
Also, More Reasons Why it is a Good Time to Become a Member of

If you are a new user of our online criminal background checking system or a long time customer, this article is worth a read.  You may be able to get more out of than you are currently aware of.  We want you to know that we are not a static company, but an evolving entity that is constantly making upgrades to our website, transactional system, criminal background retrieval processes, criminal reports, billing options, customer services, quality controls, security safeguards, customer confidentiality and information protections, infrastructure, general operations and all other relevant parts of our business.

Payment Options
We offer a variety of ways to pay for a criminal background check on our website.  As a convenience to you we accept PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, and now accept Company Checks through our new monthly billing service. Monthly Billing Service
As a monthly billed member of you will get Net 15 payment terms.  This should help your company’s cash flow and make life easier for your accounts payable department. 


  1. You place multiple background checks in January
  2. At the end of January we send you an invoice via email for orders you placed in January
  3. Then you have 15 days from date of invoice to pay the bill (February 15th would be your due date).
  4. That’s it!  You can process criminal background checks 24/7 every day of the year!
    1. As a monthly billed member you can view previously placed orders, old invoices, and have access to other useful information like employment screening documents.

Employment Screening
For people using our background checks for employment screening purposes, they will have access to industry forms and other documents as a courtesy to help them remain compliant with current laws and regulations regarding issues pertaining to hiring, not hiring, promoting, retaining and reassigning potential or active employees.

 Here are some of the forms and documents we provide to our clients:

  • Employer Certification – Required when requesting consumer reports for employment purposes.
  • A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA
  • Sample Employee Release Forms like Adverse Action Letters
  • And informational pieces like “What Employers Should Know” has taken a proactive role to help keep its members compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other laws pertaining to employment screening and the proper use of consumer reports like criminal background checks.  Although we do not offer legal advice as we are not a law firm; we do value our clients and want them to remain compliant with current laws affecting their business and so we offer certain informational pieces to promote awareness and due diligence.

Reasons why it is a good time to become a monthly billed member – A List of Benefits

  • Speed.  We free up your valuable time with our online background checking system
    • Once you log into our site the data entry required to run a criminal search is minimal
    • Most of our criminal background checks can be performed instantly
  • Account History.  We store your order results for 60 days and make them only available to you. This allows you to access and print out previous orders.
  • Convenience.  You can order background checks 24/7 any day of the year
  • Transactional. Run criminal background checks with SSN Validation & Address History Traces
  • Choice.  Run national background checks, statewide, multi-state and/or any county in the USA
  • Payment Options.  Pay with either PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Card or Check
  • Paperless.  Have invoices emailed to you while taking advantage of our Net Terms
  • Storage.  Enjoy your own allocated storage space on one of our servers
    •  Store invoices, previously placed orders, account information and more
  • Human Contact.  Get direct access to a client specialist and our customer service team

* has policies and procedures in place to help thwart its customers from using its furnished reports for any illegal use and/or purpose including unlawful discrimination, identity theft, violation of privacy, and defamation of character.

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   We accept PayPal, Google Checkout, Master Card, MC, Visa, American Experss, AMEX, and Discover credit cards.
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