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Searching is now fast and easy! No more wasting time filling out lengthy forms and agreements to run just one search. It doesn’t make sense for users that run criminal background checks less than once a month to become a member. This new feature for the occasional user gives what large businesses have had for years, immediate access to criminal record repositories. To read our latest press release click here.

Criminal Background Records .com is a part of the Information Enterprises network ( and has partners all across the country working to ensure that its records are of equal or superior quality to any other criminal provider in the country. With a seasoned executive team, gets you the data you need, delivered electronically, right when you need it. The site empowers its customers by offering a convenient method to retrieving critical information that is not always easy to obtain. Criminal Background Records .com does this for you very quickly at an extremely affordable price.
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We provide answers to the most common questions we are asked

Police Records and what to expect when searching for criminal records: currently only caters to the US market and wants to be clear in explaining what police records are, why we only give conviction and not arrest records, and a little bit of US law.  In US law, “a conviction is the verdict that results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime.”  This means that if someone was arrested by the police for a supposed crime, then went to court, and then was found, “Not Guilty” than this police record simply stays an “arrest record” NOT a criminal record.  This means that not all police records are in fact criminal records.  Using an arrest record or non conviction police record as part of a decision to hire, fire or otherwise harm or harass an individual is wrong, and also opens you up to huge legal risks. 

Criminal history records along with police background records are maintained and updated by many varying sources.  Typically, criminal history information is first generated by law enforcement agencies such as your local police departments.  Local police departments, sheriff's offices, and other police agencies usually maintain their own internal databases. On the state government level, state police, state troopers, highway patrol, correctional agencies, and other law enforcement agencies also maintain separate databases. Law enforcement agencies often share these police records with other similar law enforcement agencies and this information is usually made available to the public in various ways.  Just remember, a police record may just be an arrest record, and until an actual criminal conviction for say a felony offense is made, there is no criminal record.  Making decisions solely on police records including arrest records is not a good idea.

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Standard Criminal Background Search - State or CountyCounty Criminal Background Search

In the USA counties are geographical subdivisions of the states that they are a part of.  There are currently 3,143 counties in the USA, (some of these are actually Parishes or Independent Cities).   With you can conduct a county criminal conviction background check in any county in the USA.  This search looks for court conviction records only, not arrest records.  If the person you are investigating has an arrest record, but found “Not Guilty” then there would be no conviction and therefore no record. 

A county search is the most up to date, accurate and complete search available (of course, you need to know the state and county in order for this search to be effective).  Once you place a county criminal search with us, we go ahead and have a professional court researcher go to the courthouse (or other place where records are stored), and manually pull the complete record in question for you, and then we email those search results directly to you, the customer. It typically takes 1-4 business days after placing your search for your order results to come in.  County criminal searches include felony and misdemeanor records from the past 7 years.

Instant Criminal Background State SearchInstant State Criminal Background Search

The statewide criminal record search is the most commonly used criminal background check.  You can conduct a state wide criminal history check in every state except for Massachusetts and Delaware (only county level searches are available in these two states).  Most of our statewide criminal history reports include corrections data, court records, felony convictions, misdemeanor offenses and some traffic offenses.  For specific search information for any given state, please visit our state pages to look-up and find everything you need to know about exactly what records we search for within a given state search, and also what information to expect in your search results.

Each statewide criminal search includes a free national sex offender report and a free US most wanted criminal database check.  With the exception of a couple of states, all of our statewide criminal record searches are instant.  That means that seconds after you place your search, you will be able to lookup and view your criminal history report online, and we even securely store your search results for you to look up for 60-days, in case you need to print them or view them after your order is placed.

Instant Criminal Background 3 State SearchInstant 3 State Criminal Background Search

If you know the basic area you want to do a criminal background check in, or if you know a couple of the states the person you are investigating has lived, our 3-State search is probably the right choice for you.  This criminal search covers 3 full states (please see our individual state pages for more details on what is covered in each state) and also includes additional free searches like a sex offender registry check (SOR).  This criminal background search also includes a free criminal check of the US Most Wanted list including FBI, Secret Service and Americas most wanted criminals.

Instant Criminal Background National SearchInstant National Criminal Background Search

Performing a national criminal background check is the most comprehensive way to search almost the entire country in one search.  You get court records and criminal history from 46 US states and Washington DC.  This instant national criminal background check is the broadest tool for searching county court records for background screening.

Question:  “What if I get a hit (record) in my national background check results, but the record is incomplete or doesn’t have the information I need?

Answer:  “Many of our customers use the national search to pin point the county and state in which a criminal record may be.  They then conduct another search, this time a county level search in the state they found the record in.  A county search is the most up to date, accurate and complete search available (of course, you need to know the state and county in order for this search to be effective).  Once you then place a county criminal search with us, we go ahead and have a professional court researcher go to the courthouse (or other place where records are stored), and manually pull the complete record in question and then email those search results directly to you, the customer.

Question:  “Besides searching almost the entire country for criminal records, what else do I get with this search?”

Answer:  “You also get a full nationwide background check of the current sex offender registry list, AND FBI /US Marshals Most Wanted List.  You get all of these independent searches in our one comprehensive national criminal background check.


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*California includes Contra Costa, Fresno, Indio, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura Counties only.


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