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Now Offering Professional Verification Services including Education Verification, Employment Verification, and Credential Checks

We are now offering all types of verifications to our monthly billed clients including Reference checks and Credential Checks like professional license verification.

A professional verification is where a trained staffed member seeks to validate certain information that an applicant has revealed, particularly on their application for employment or other signed form.  Renting or leasing an apartment also involves a person filling out and signing an application; which also makes it a prime candidate for professional verification to validate the applicant’s truthfulness.  In the multi-family industry (also known as the apartment management industry) employment verification requests on prospective renters are common practice along with performing a credit check and criminal background check.  Education verifications and specific credential or license verifications are common in employment screening policies to validate that a job applicant does in fact have the specific degree, license or certificate required for a specific position being sought to fill.  If a hospital is looking for an LPN (licensed practical nurse) they need to be confident that the person they are considering for hire is indeed qualified for the position.  This confidence is gained by verifying that such an applicant does in fact have the specific credentials, degree or license required to practice such line of work.


Verifications are not performed instantly as the nature of this business requires verbal communication between a trained professional verifier and the verifying party.  The verifying party could be an institution, business, organization or specific person.  When performing an employment verification the previous employer (typically HR, human resources) is contacted.  The verifier seeks to validate information with the respective verifying party.  Professional verifiers (including those used by proactively attempt to speak with the verifying party to gain specific information regarding an applicant, usually to confirm that what the applicant put on their application is indeed accurate and correct. is now offering the following Verification Checks:

Employment Verification Check – Our employment verification background check verifies an applicant’s previous or current employment, start date, end date, title, salary, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.  We will also supply the name, title and phone number of the verifying source usually HR (human resources).
Education Verification Check – Our education verification background check verifies an applicant’s school, dates of attendance, and degree or major, and GPA (when requested).    
Professional Reference Verification – Our professional reference check verification seeks to obtain a professional reference from a single specified source such as a previous co-worker, direct supervisor, or associate. 
Personal Reference Verification – Our personal reference check verification seeks to obtain a personal reference from a single specified source such as a friend or associate.
Credentials Verification Check – Our credentials verification background check verifies the authenticity of an applicant’s license, certification or credentials and gives the date issued, expiration date and status with the issuing authority.  Our credentials verification (credential check) service includes medical license verifications.

More Information about our Verification Services:

  • Most verification requests are completed within 3-business days
  • uses full-time professional background researcher’s who are real people living in the United States of America who specialize in employment, education and credentials verifications.
  • Employment checks are conducted under the strict guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Each monthly billed customer using us for employment screening is provided with important employment screening information and sample forms.  Once they are logged in as a member they get access to the following forms for download: 
    • What Employers Should Know About Federal Laws Governing Consumer Reports
    • A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Sample Authorization and Employee Release Forms
    • Sample Pre-Adverse & Adverse Action Letters
  • Over 90% of verification and reference attempts performed by professional verifiers return definitive conclusions, with 3/4's of those results containing completed verification and/or reference reports.
    Definitive Conclusions are defined by the following:
    • An order that is completed with relevant data
    • Verifier did not have a record for the applicant
    • Verifier could not be located or is no longer in business
    • Verifier could not provide a reference due to company/organization policy
    • Verifier could not provide results for another legitimate reason

In the background verification line of business it is commonplace to have to pay additional third party fees in order to complete verification requests.  At we pay these fees as they come up for our customers and only charge them $19.95 per verification regardless of the costs we incur.  This is a preferred method as it gives our customers one flat fee with no hidden charges so they know exactly what their fiscal exposure will be, and can budget accordingly. 

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