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Holiday Hire Background Check

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December 9, 2010 Return to News & Events

Holiday Hires – Part-Time Criminal Background Check on Seasonal Employees

The season has begun to find out who has been naughty and who has been nice.  There are millions of part time and seasonal workers that will be representing you and your company during this holiday season.  That means performing a criminal background check on these people as they wear your uniform or represent your company is more important than ever.  Historically many employers haven’t run criminal background checks on part time or seasonal hires because they haven’t been treated the same as full time employees.  This lapse in reasoning causes damage, financial loss and most importantly reputation injury that could have far reaching and long term negative effects to you personally and your company or organization.

Spending a few dollars to run a criminal background check on seasonal employees is not just a smart thing to do it is almost unjustifiable not to do.  Every company wants to present a positive image to the public as well as their work force.  One bad hire can significantly harm a company.  As a reputation is damaged current employees that excel in their positions may chose to leave or prospective employees may chose to look elsewhere.  Not to mention direct financial loss from customers choosing your competitors over you due to lack of trust.  Understanding the recent past of an individual will inform the potential for risk.  Providing a work environment that is free from the threat of personal harm is important, not only to the existing employees but also to new hires as well.

Retailers and other corporations affected by the busy holiday shopping season are looking for part time staff. Despite the lackluster economy and concerns about flat holiday sales, companies are still hiring seasonal employees. In their hurry to hire temporary workers, many companies hire without checking backgrounds.  This sort of acceptance criteria as a pre-employment screening model exposes you to countless risks including employee fraud, embezzlement, theft, property damage and overall reputation loss.

Running a criminal background check is a fast, efficient and systematic activity that controls or at least reduces the amount of exposure to risk seasonal employment brings.  If you are hiring jolly old Santa Clause for a short term stint in your mall or place of business you need to know if Saint Nick has a naughty history.  These days background checks if performed through a site like also include a 50-State sex offender registry search with every criminal background check. Creating a safe environment for your workers and for your customers is a core responsibility for human resources and risk mitigation through background checks is a primary activity. 

With theft and fraud at the forefront, many seasonal employers forget that another risk looms large.  This risk involves the protection of your company’s confidential information which should not be overlooked when hiring seasonal employees. If seasonal employees are given access to confidential and/or proprietary information, an employer should consider requiring a signed confidentiality agreement along with a criminal background check.

Seasonal employees fill a much needed role to employers by allowing them to deal effectively with fluctuations in workforce demands without having to incur costs in the form of benefits that full time employees enjoy. To maximize this benefit and avoid some of the legal risks associated with hiring seasonal employees, employers should take the preventative measures of running a criminal background check while remaining compliant with relevant employment laws like proper disclosure to potential hires. Employers that are unsure of their legal obligations concerning seasonal or part time employees should consult with an attorney within their state as state laws vary. a leader in the United States for employment background checks, knows that employee theft and applicant fraud becomes much more prevalent amongst part-time employees who have no long term vested interest in their short term employer.  Malls, retail chains and other companies beefing up staff for the holiday rush should take the short amount of time it takes to conduct a criminal background check that includes a sex offender search amidst the hustle and bustle; to reduce theft, increase profits and preserve their all important reputation.

As many seasonal employers find themselves strapped for time and hurrying to hire part time help, there is a solution available now that is low cost and more importantly fast enough to work within the hustle and bustle.  This solution is an instant criminal background check which can be performed in seconds and no longer causes a bottleneck in employment screening processes.  Perform an instant statewide criminal background check on for under $25 and get a National Sex Offender Search included for Free.  Although the temptation to hire in haste is all too real, so are the long term negative consequences that come with it.

Most potential candidates look good in person, but some are hiding a criminal record, assuming a false identity or have a sketchy employment history.  Job candidates lie on their applications and background checks help discover the truth about applicants before they are given the keys to your place of employment.  Along with a criminal background check it is also highly recommended to run a social security number validation and address history trace to verify the applicant is indeed who they claim to be. Background screening often creates a barrier that potential "bad employees" seldom cross successfully.  Material loss is a significant cost center for retail and warehousing companies and loss management departments carry the burden of controlling these costs.  Increasingly, retailers often use thorough background screening to vet employees including seasonal/part-time help. 

A proper background check will make use of criminal records, social security number trace discoveries and other background reports verifying and validating information supplied by a candidate.  Understanding the recent past and history of an individual will inform the potential for risk.  Performing an instant criminal background check and social security number validation exposes such risks before damages are incurred and early enough to pass on an application and review the next in line.

Now that it only takes seconds to find out who has been naughty and who has been nice, there is no longer any reason to hire in haste.

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