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June 23, 2011 Return to News & Events offers valuable tools for Human Resource (HR) professionals. an Information Enterprises Solution, spells out why their background screening tools provides value to human resource professionals looking for informational reports to help them in making sound hiring decisions.

Valuable Tools for HR Professionals: Motor Vehicle Records Checks and Professional Verifications

Hiring a new employee is a costly undertaking. One bad hire can affect every area of a business, from productivity to employee morale to overall personal safety. It is a critical undertaking.  Everyday Human Resource professionals are searching for the right information necessary to make an informed decision. Wrong information leads to a wrong hire and that's where the trouble begins. When conducting a pre-employment background screening Social Security Records Trace and County/State Criminal Records search are the predominate areas of review. But one must consider Motor Vehicle Records Checks and Professional Verifications to fully round out a pre-employment background screening.

Motor Vehicle Records Check
The value of a MVR check is far reaching. While not every employee may need a MVR check, there is value in the report. Understanding the reliability of an employee should they commute to and from work by motor vehicle is critical information. Knowing the status of one's driver’s license as it relates to their driving record may inform a hiring decision. MVR checks will confirm validity of drivers’ license as well as provide additional information.  For those employees, such as sales representatives or office assistants, that utilize company vehicles and/or use their own vehicle for company business, a MVR is a must. A driver with a poor record may be costly to hire not only due to a higher potential of additional incident but insurance cost as well.  Additionally, a bad driver could lead to a costly lawsuit that may well have been avoided. In regards to employees that utilize a commercial drivers license a full MVR is an absolute. The exposure of a single accident involving a commercial driver could increase liability cost significantly. 

Information contained in a MVR Check includes the following:

  • Accidents and other convictions
  • Moving Violations, both major and minor
  • Actions against the license holder, including suspensions
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Hit and run
  • and many more

Most MVR checks come back within a few hours with the exception of Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and Wyoming. Check for a complete list of cost and availability.

Professional Verifications
One of the most critical elements of a thorough pre-employment screening is verifications. A seemingly simple task, that often takes a great deal of time and effort, can prove daunting when conducted in house.  With the pressure to get an individual in place as quickly as possible, the verification process is a step that is often cut short. The best solution for a proper verification is to outsource the task to a background screening company that has access to a wide network of researchers and remains compliant to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Generally the results of a verification can be attained within three days, but it should be noted that there is no guarantee every verification can be achieved.  However, having a company skilled in requesting verifications provides greater odds of completion than attempting verifications in-house.

There are five major areas of verifications that may be considered:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Profession Reference
  • Personal Reference
  • Credentials

Professional verification is a complicated task, but a crucial activity to keeping a hiring manager well informed. For complete information please go to:

Take the risk out of making a bad decision. A comprehensive pre-employment background screening is a valuable tool in assisting in the hiring process. Criminal records checks and social security numbers trace are important tools, but the addition of Motor Vehicle Records checks and Professional Verifications can add to the tool box every Human Resource professional needs. Compared to the hire cost of a bad hire, additional background checks cost almost nothing. Make that right choice today and contact for all your background screening needs today.

About is a national background checking site that specializes in criminal background checks.  The site has been providing background checks to employers, landlords, individuals and other entities for almost a decade and has active members in all 50-US States.  Individual products include criminal background checks including county, state and national background checks, Social Security number validation, address history traces, Federal court searches, professional verification services and Driving Records (DMV checks also known as MVR checks).
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