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Risk Management is Key to Nanny Background Checks

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February 10, 2016 Return to News & Events

Risk Management is Key to Nanny Background Checks

Risk management is central to background screening and one of the most important categories of people to prevent risk is children. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of states: "Background screening is a helpful tool in a number of areas but no more important than with protecting at-risk populations such as children or elderly."

Background screening can protect against risk in a number of ways. By revealing past history through the access of public information and relevant verifications, parents can make a well informed decision about who will be watching a child or children. Past histories can illustrate various criminal convictions, verify current and previous addresses, driving histories, and a variety of other relevant facts.

Adam Almeida, President and CEO of states: "A background check including a criminal background check can go a long way in protecting at-risk populations, but it is important that the background check is conducted by a well vetted company, one that has the experience and knowledge of industry standards and practices."

In Boston a large on-line nanny care provider is under fire for seemingly not provided thorough background checks.

From The Boston Globe (Dec. 29, 16) discussing the actions of the parents against the on-line service states:

“...pursuing an investigation regarding the failure of ... to conduct the background check that the Heintzes paid them to conduct,” {a} Wellesley attorney ... said during a brief telephone interview. (1)

Almeida states: "Certainly a background check is only as good as the information used to gather data, but a third-party background screening company should know the steps to conducting thorough screening. Sources of data are drawn from both on-line sources and country courthouses. And, most importantly, all information should be reviewed by a well-trained operator."

The use of background screening is often highlighted as a necessary and required step in vetting a nanny. In the Boston case a subsequent review discovered a variety of criminal cases against the ill-vetted nanny.

From the Boston Globe (Dec. 29, 16):

A Boston Globe review found 28 criminal cases against Fox, which included 111 charges and involved thefts in Charlestown, Boston’s South End, Braintree, Randolph, Abington, Avon, and Winchester between 2004 and 2011. A dozen of those cases were filed in Quincy District Court in Norfolk County, which should have been included in ... background check because, according to court records, Fox had lived in that county for at least the past seven years. Fox was convicted of numerous charges in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties, including larceny, identity fraud, forgery, and receiving stolen property. (2)

Protecting property is certainly secondary to protecting the individual.

From (Nov. 21, 15) discussing the steps in hiring staff simply states the importance of vetting any employee working in the house.

THE FIRST AND PERHAPS most important step in hiring help is to perform some basic due diligence on candidates. No matter what the job applicant may say, do some independent research, or hire someone to do it for you. (3)

Almeida states: "While conducting a nanny background check is extremely important utilizing a third-party background screening company may be equally important. Not only would a third-party understand how to thoroughly conduct a nanny check they would also be able to fully comply with any laws governing the use of public records as part of a background check."

The more thorough the better.

From (Nov. 21, 15):

"... conduct comprehensive background checks to root out any warning signs. Criminal and sexual-predator searches, personal credit history, federal bankruptcy, U.S. Patriot Act investigations, Motor Vehicle Department reports, and civil lawsuits are all worth a look, suggests Buchmueller." (4)

Almeida states: "In the end it is import to mitigate risk, especially with children, and there is no better tool than a comprehension background check conducted by a well versed third-party background screening company." is a third-party background screening company.With an experienced staff and the ability to stay current with laws and regulations governing the background screening industry, working with is a smart move for companies large and small.



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